The bodybuilders.

For an R&D manager at a bodybuilder, flexibility and robustness are fundamental in the overall construction of a dropside or box so aluminium profiles that are easily integrable into that bodybuilder’s construction are essential – as are production cost and product performance.

Just ask bodybuilder for flatbeds and box vehicles, Autokaross in Floby, Sweden.

“The advantage of the Armaton pillar is that the interface with the dropside is placed in the side rave. All accessories are mounted inside the Armaton pillar without affecting the size of the loading area.”

Patrik Rehn, R&D Manager, Autokaross in Floby

Easy to handle, durable and economic.

A weight-optimized pillar system providing maximum payload for vehicles with a load capacity up to 6 tonnes. The pillars are easy to handle, durable and ergonomic – a natural choice for those who need all the advantages of a pillar with flexibility and stability when attaching boxes or covers. 

Guarantee commitment

Armaton guarantees high quality and performance of its products and spare parts.

Lightweight and maintenance-free

The Armaton systems, profiles and attachments are manufactured in anodised aluminium and are lightweight and maintenance-free.

Quality adds up to increased uptime

No matter the business you're in – uptime is always top priority. Trucks are meant to be on the road, not in the workshop. Quality and functionality are therefore important factors to consider when choosing a long lasting solution. 

Armaton Modular Platform Kit – the perfect fit.

This is a gamechanger for dropside and box vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes. The system screws together with no special tools and in a fraction of the time it usually takes to build. Saves you time and money.