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Armaton is a brand of Forankra with offices in Vårgårda, Sweden. Our partners for new sales are presented below.

lf contact information for your market is missing, please contact Forankra AB, Sweden.

Spare parts

Armaton supplies products to several bodybuilders in Europe. lf you need spare parts for dropsides produced by these, please contact the bodybuilder to ensure delivery of the correct spare part.

How to identify the bodybuilder:

  1. Information about the manufacturer is normally found on a plate at the back of the front wall.
  2. If information is missing or needs help identifying, please contact Forankra AB, Sweden.
  3. To facilitate the identification, please attach a photograph of the dropside.



Our partners


Forankra AB
Verkstadsgatan 2
447 37 Vårgårda
Tel: +46 322 66 78 00


Forankra Pol Sp. z o.o.
ul. Lubczyńska 6c
70-895 Szczecin
Tel.+48 91 418 25 91


TMT. Malinen Oy
Vanhatie 16
15210 LAHTI
Tel. +358 3 882 0500


Forankra España, S.L.U.
Av.Universidad Autónoma,15
Parque Tecnológico del Vallés
08290 - Cerdanyola del Vallés
+34 93 580 06 60


Forankra ACK SAS
8 rue J. de Vaucanson
ZA de la Pesselière
69780 MIONS - LYON
+33 4 72 45 01 20