Why is LCA important for a product developer?


This is our Product Design Manager, Alexandra Andreasson’s answer to this question:

“As a designer for Armaton, I am very much looking forward to being involved and implementing LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) on the Armaton Modular Platform. This will be my first LCA project to be directly involved in and it will be very interesting to participate in the process and to take part of the result.

In the role as product developer, you have a central function when it comes to influencing a product's life cycle phases. In the product development stage, you look at both the producibility and how well the product will meet the user requirements. In addition, you must consider how the product can be disassembled and material separated for easy recycling.

I look forward to learn more from the results of this LCA for a more focused sustainability work in the areas that give the greatest effect.”