Jan 03 Armaton MP Tarpaulin Kit

Armaton MP Tarpaulin Kit includes a tarpaulin with aluminum stand uniquely designed for Armaton Modular Platform. The Tarpulin Kit is easy to assemble and disassemble as the stand mounts into existing pillars on the platform and the tarpaulin attaches directly to the dropside without need for exterior straps or buttons.

Dec 13 Armaton MP OneStep - New accessory

Armaton MP OneStep is a footstep which can easily be integrated into the dropside of Armaton Modular Platform. Its unique design offers a solution with no interference with the loading area and an easy-to-use function for improved working conditions.

Nov 17 Launch of new accessories for Armaton MP

At Solutrans, Lyon Armaton launches new accessories for Armaton Modular Platform – Armaton MP Tarpaulin Kit and Armaton MP OneStep. Get by our stands to see how light and clean the design of the Tarpaulin is and try out how easy it is to enter the flatbed with the dropside integrated footstep.

Oct 18 Slim and nice design for a tipper!

Armaton is proud to be part of this tipper solution made by the Dutch bodybuilder Veth Automotive. See how nicely the Armaton products fits the vehicle – with or without the tipper function!

Sep 24 Great days at Nufam!

During the trade show NUFAM, Karlsruhe in September, we got the possibility to demonstrate how quick and easy it can be to build dropsides on light commercial vehicles by using the Armaton Modular Platform.

Aug 30 LCA for long-term sustainable purchases

How can a LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) affect our choices of sustainable purchases? We have asked Fredrik Kollberg, Supply Chain Manager for Armaton, who gives us the following response: “We want to work with suppliers who care about sustainability and value environmentally friendly energy alternatives for their production facilities."

Aug 16 Why is LCA important for a product developer?

This is our Product Design Manager, Alexandra Andreasson’s answer to this question:“As a designer for Armaton, I am very much looking forward to being involved and implementing LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) on the Armaton Modular Platform. This will be my first LCA project to be directly involved in and it will be very interesting to participate in the process and to take part of the result.

Jul 05 Why is Armaton making a LCA?

The purpose for Armaton of conducting a LCA is to identify the climate impact a standard Armaton platform has during its lifetime – i.e from the design phase to production and usage until the product is taken out of service.

Jun 15 Armaton conducts LCA for flatbeds

As part of our work with sustainability, Armaton has in the spring of 2021 ordered an LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) from IVL Swedish Environmental Institute in Gothenburg, Sweden. LCA is an analysis of the carbon footprint a product makes throughout its lifetime.

Jun 05 Armaton flatbed with crane

The Armaton Modular Platform can be used in many ways. Here is an example of a flatbed with a crane installed on an Iveco by Danlad in Denmark.

May 17 Armaton 4000 XF Tip pillar in action

The Armaton tip pillar is a unique solution who increases the performance for tippers all over Europe. Read more about the Armaton 4000 XF Tip pillar and see how it works in this video!

Apr 20 Environmentally friendly packaging

The Armaton Modular Platform Kit is delivered in a stackable flatpack which makes transport more efficient and sustainable. It´s possible to fit as many as 60 kits in one trailer.Find out more about how you can save money and reduce your environmental footprint using Armaton MP here! >> 

Mar 11 Dropside support for Armaton Modular Platform

Armaton is now launching a rear dropside support, as a new accessory to the Armaton Modular Platform. The rear dropside supports are mounted on the existing runners.When you need to have the rear dropside open, e.g. if you drive long goods, you fold out the dropside supports to keep the rear dropside in position with no hanging down or covering the taillights.

Jul 02 Stepless load securing for max loading area

Armaton has developed a unique 360 degree stepless load securing system for the Modular Platform. By using the specially designed Armaton lashing, securing load does not interfere with the loading area anymore. The lashing can be placed anywhere along the side rave, thus creating maximum loading space on the platform. 

May 26 Layout ready for new workshop

Armaton will in June move its production of the Modular Platform to new premises and you can see the layout for the new workshop here.

Mar 18 Armaton website in many languages!

”Decididos a Mejorar” is Spanish for ”Determined to Improve” – which is the Armaton motto. If you want to continue to learn more about Armaton in Spanish you are welcome to visit our Armaton website which now is available in Spanish. The Armaton website is thereafter available in English, Swedish, French and Spanish.

Dec 13 Premiere for Armaton Partner Day

Armaton arranged a Partner Day in Sweden Dec 11-12 for all partners througout Europe. The meeting started with a workshop where we  all partcipated in assembling a Modular Platform. On the agenda was also discussions about future development of the Armaton Modular Platform as well as market activities on our different markets.

Nov 25 Great success for Armaton Modular Platform in France

Armaton Modular Platform was well received on the French market when it was launched at Solutrans in Lyon, Nov 19-23. The system created great interest for its unique solution of providing a complete dropside platform for light vehicles in a flat pack!

Nov 15 Armaton launches Modular Platform at Solutrans, Nov 20-23

Armaton launches Modular Platform on the French market at Solutrans in Lyon, Nov 19-23. You will find Armaton together with Forankra France in Hall 3 - Stand 133. Welcome to us!

Jul 04 Welcome to the new Armaton website!

It is now premiere for the Armaton website –  a website where we present the Armaton brand and why "Determined to improve" is our motto. You can also learn more about why aour customers choose Armaton for their light commercial vehicles. Armaton is part of Forankra Group.

Jun 20 Forankra Spain launched Armaton MP in Barcelona

It is now time to launch the Armaton Modular Platform Kit on the Spanish market. Forankra Spain will introduce the new Armaton MP at SILBARCELONA, June 26-28.

May 12 TMT Malinen launched Armaton MP in Helsinki

Forankras partner TMT Malinen introduced the new Armaton MP to the Finnish market at Transport-Logistics in Helsinki, May 9-11. The interest for the new system was very positive and we look forward to see the results of the follow up from the exhibition.

Mar 25 Armaton MP launched at Transport 2019, Herning, March 21-23

The interest for the new system was well received on the Danish show. This was the first time the Modular Platform was shown on a Renault Master which made it easy to show benefits of the system.

Aug 28 Great interest for Modular Platform Kit at Elmia Lastbil 2018

The Modular Platform system was presented for the first time at Elmia Lastbil 2018, Aug 22-6 in Jönköping. The new concept made a success at the trade show and was enthusiastically demonstrated by our Armaton-specialists Ragnvald Andersson (designer) and Lennart Klingzell (KAM).

Jun 20 Armaton Modular Platform – new system for light goods vehicles

Armaton, a part of Forankra, is launching a new flatbed and box system for light goods vehicles (trucks, vans, etc.). The system is modular and screws together with no special tools.