Armaton MP OneStep

Armaton MP OneStep is a footstep which can easily be integrated into the dropside of Armaton Modular Platform. Its unique design offers a solution with no interference with the loading area and an easy-to-use function for improved working conditions.

Armaton MP Tarpaulin Kit

Armaton MP Tarpaulin Kit includes a tarpaulin with aluminum stand uniquely designed for Armaton Modular Platform. The Tarpulin Kit is easy to assemble and disassemble as the stand mounts into existing pillars on the platform and the tarpaulin attaches directly to the dropside without need for exterior straps or buttons.

Armaton MP LongGoods

Armaton MP LongGoods makes it possible to transport long goods in a safe and secure
way on light commercial vehicles (LCV). The long goods holder is mounted into the Armaton Modular Platform’s rear flatbed pillars and together with the front wall it thereby creates a complete solution for handling long goods.