We make hard work simple. It’s that simple.

There are different challenges and demands for each and every user of dropside locks and pillar systems. But Armaton systems can offer one thing that all users have in common: peace-of-mind. That the products are safe. That they are functional. 

Cargo will always be safe and secure

Since 1986, Armaton has been manufacturing functional and weight optimized pillar systems to LCV to ensure maximum payload as well as safe and profitable transports.

Functionality facilitates your workday

The loading and unloading of goods should always be easy. An ergonomic handle with a movement range of 160 degrees does just that.

Quality adds up to increased uptime

No matter the business you’re in – uptime is always top priority. Trucks are meant to be on the road, not in the workshop. Products manufactured with anodised aluminium resist corrosion and simply last longer.